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(Weight loss) Each Advanced Weigh Loss capsule contains 400 mg of chromium and 500 mg of L-Carnitine Tartrate to support dieting efforts. Plus a stimulant-free combination of safe, supportive nutrients and herbs to help to: Support healthy blood sugar levels. Support optimum energy levels. Support healthy fat metabolism while nourishing the liver.

 Acai is renowned for its antioxidant properties and has found its way into a number of exciting new weight loss formulas. Within a few weeks we will be adding two very effective new diet formulas. The Burn acts as a thermogenic, fat inhibitor and antioxidant while the Cleanse helps detoxify and clean the intestinal tract. These two are formulated to be taken together for the first couple of weeks and then the use of the Burn formula only until your next cleansing cycle. This formula reduces hunger and boost metabolism. It works by making your body more sensitive to leptin. Leptin is a hormone that controls your hunger and metabolism. Overweight people become resistant to leptin. In the clinical trial, it increased leptin sensitivity, which helped subject shed pounds of fat and took inches off their waistlines.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review